Bristol Marketing Company provided branding, logo design and graphic design for Bristol Jewellery Company. Bristol Marketing Company also offer web design, web development, web hosting, video promotions, professional photography, drone shoots and more all in the area of Bristol.

Bristol Jewellery Company

Google Ads + Web Design + Web Development + Social Media Marketing

Bristol Jewellery Company offers a fine array of antique, modern and pre-loved jewellery. Serving over 25 years in the jewellery industry they have honed in on their skills and knowledge, which permits Bristol Jewellery Company to bring high-quality items to the market for extremely fair prices.

Devoting so much time to the field means other areas of their business has needed developing so they can continue to scale their business. Bristol Jewellery Company has grown its digital presence exponentially since appointing Bristol Marketing Company. Bristol Marketing Company provided a bespoke positioning strategy to ensure their value proposition offer was communicated in the most cost-efficient manner to their niche market segment.

Developing a new e-commerce website, which grew their sales by 500% in the first 3-months, has been enhanced further with the implementation of a targeted Google Ads campaign and social media marketing.

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Professional photography service provided by Bristol Marketing Company on behalf of Limeway Storage. This service includes numerous marketing services including drone shoots, video promotions, marketing reports, market research, branding and logo design.

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