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What are some common mistakes made when creating video campaigns?

Not having a plan

Not knowing what message you want to send to your audience, and not having a plan for using the video post-production.

Not using original material

Using footage that is not unique to your company and does not connect in any way with your brand.

‘Dumbing’ down

Shying away from complex or difficult concepts in favour of something easily digestible often results in “dumbing” down the product/concept so much that it becomes less effective than if it had been presented without clever editing and effects.

Not being creative enough

Since people are so inundated with promotional messages nowadays – you need to develop new and unique ways of promoting your product or service if you want the message to stick in people’s minds.

Bad quality

Neglecting good quality sound, lighting, shots, and video results in footage looking unprofessional and cheap.


Presenting the product in a way that looks too enthusiastic, focusing more on how great it is rather than why people should buy it. This can be combated by linking the features of your product to benefits for the customer.

Talking heads

Extreme close-ups of speakers with no supporting visuals – usually resulting in boring footage and failing to capture audiences’ attention spans.

Shooting too much footage

It’s easy to get carried away, but fewer cuts are always better than many. Less is more when it comes to video production.

Too much information results in less viewership, while too little leaves audiences wanting more

The right balance needs to be found between including too much text and not enough. The perfect length will depend on context, but

Having no consistency between videos

Each video needs to be part of the whole picture, so they need to have the same look and tone throughout for branding purposes.

Not taking advantage of social sharing sites

Video is perfect for engaging with an audience on social media sites, so it’s essential not to neglect them.

Going overboard on production value

Many companies go way over budget when creating videos because they want them to be epic productions that will knock everyone’s socks off, which simply isn’t practical or realistic in most cases.

Believing that video marketing is reserved for large companies only

Although big-budget productions are fun (and can be very effective), it’s essential not to fall into this trap since there are many low-cost options available such as creating a simple how-to video or one that focuses on a customer testimonial.

Using dull voice over work or actors who aren’t excited about what they’re talking about

This is very critical since people will get bored watching bland production values and lack of energy if they can tell right away, so take the time necessary to find people who truly embody your message and care about it just as much as you do. 

If you want to create a video campaign that will be successful, it’s essential to avoid these mistakes. Remember that everyone has different tastes and preferences, so don’t try to please everyone with your marketing videos. It is better to have consistency within the brand through all of your content rather than constantly changing styles between videos. Be creative but not too outlandish or off-the-wall because this can sometimes come across as “lazy” in some people’s eyes. Make sure everything from production quality down to editing are top-notch for your audience members who care about visuals on their screens – they’ll appreciate what you do more if they see how much effort went into each clip! 

If you avoid these mistakes, then you’ll be well ahead of most other businesses in your industry.


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