Digital Marketing Consultant for Social Media Marketing at the Bristol Marketing Company.


Liana is a passionate and enthusiastic social media marketer who thrives off giving businesses a narratable personality online. Liana devotes her professional skills to creating engaging content that will result in businesses gaining an organic online community. 

She believes that every business should have a voice on social media that tells their story and reflects their values.

Liana has worked with an array of clients, from femininity coaches to restaurants and hotels. She is committed to telling their stories, facilitating their growth and building engaged audiences.

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Founder & Managing Director

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Head of Web Development

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Head of App Development

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Head of Media

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Head of Design

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SEO Specialist & Content Writer

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Business & Marketing Executive

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Drone Specialist

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Social Media Marketer

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Videography Expert

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Commercial Graphic Designer

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Product Photographer

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Search Engine Optimisation specialist. Business development through digital avenues via professional marketing application.

SEO Specialist

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Lifestyle Photographer

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Social Media Apprentice

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Videography Expert

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